About us

My name is Madelline, I am the owner of Lavender Avenue. I love fashion, art, and all things creative. I value modest clothing that is feminine and fashionable. However, in today's world the words "Modest" and "Fashionable" don't tend to go together. While shopping with friends, I noticed I wasn't the only woman struggling to find clothing that didn't compromise my values but also made me feel feminine. Out of desperation to be modest and fashionable, Lavender Avenue was born! It can be hard to feel confident wearing something that doesn't make you feel good, even if it is modest. Lavender Avenue is all about helping women feel confident without feeling like they have to comprimise modesty. For me, this compromise is just not an option. At Lavendar Avenue we are dedicated to helping you feel confident by bringing you modest, fashionable, and feminine pieces. 
Happy Shopping, 
Madelline Newland